Philly Man Saves Kid's Lives And Gives THE MOST Philly Interview About It

This is absolutely hilarious!

Even in moments of heroism, Philly people are still...Philly people.

Yes, a clip is going viral from a news interview with Philly resident Hakim Law who helped save a bunch of kid's lives from a burning building. He then proceeded to give the MOST Philly interview ever...managing to criticize the Eagles after a nasty loss.

"I ran to the back door to see if it was open and it was. I ran upstairs and I was greeted with smoke, and I ran back downstairs. By that time, the ladder truck was pulling up and, ironically, me and one of my old co-workers took the ladder off the truck and raised it up and assisted people down. My man just started throwing babies out the window. We were catching them — unlike Agholor and his mishaps, I would like to put that out there."

Hah!!! How does one talk about saving kid's lives and still diss Nelson Agholor and his dropped passes?

Check it out:

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