Actor James McAvoy Defends "Jawn"

Though actor James McAvoy is Scottish, he certainly knows a lot about Philadelphia from his time acting/filming in Philly-set movies "Split" and "Glass!"

Having said that, McAvoy had the opportunity to defend our favorite slang term "Jawn," and did a great job doing so!

James sat down with his fellow "It Chapter 2" castmate Jessica Chastain to play a game called "Idiom Abroad" for LADbible where each had to try and translate Scottish and American slang.

Not only did James guess most of the American terms Jessica threw his way, he also stumped her with an American term he picked up in Philly: "Jawn."

When nobody in the room (including someone behind the camera claiming to be from Philly) knew what he was talking about, he offered: a great explanation: "In Philly, 'jawn' can mean many, many things. It means 'thing.'"

When people still didn't believe him, McAvoy reaches out to Philly natives to back him up on "Jawn" being a real thing.

Well, James, as a Philly native I can confirm it's a thing, and you're dead on! Check out the video:

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