Interview with Marathoner Dan Smith from Bastille #RunWithRadio1045Johnny

Hello runners! How was your week of running? I'm proud to say that I made all of my Marathon training runs for a total of 23 miles for the week, with a great Saturday morning 10 miler! This was a down week for miles, so I used the opportunity to try and push my speed a bit and it felt good. Next week, we'll be back up to 16-18 miles for Saturday's long run.

Also, this week I had a great conversation about running with Bastille’s Dan Smith’s and focused on his experience training for the London Marathon while on tour. Originally, the interview was scheduled for a 5 minute block as Dan was on a tight schedule to make his soundcheck for the opening night of the tour. However, once we started talking, he got more and more passionate about his experience to the point where are conversation even continued once we turned the camera off. Most of the good stuff is in the interview, though you missed our conversation about the benefits vs. the flavor of beet root extract.

With that, our interviewed covered a lot of ground: training while on tour, injuries, how he 'celebrated' with some of the other lessons he learned while training (& overtraining) for (and completing in 3:39) the London Marathon last April. Also, I gave him the invite to run the Philadelphia Marathon with me this November, thought his Manager thought better of it.

Additionally, Dan ran the Marathon in effort to raise money for Breast Cancer Research. If you’d like to support his run with a donation, HERE is the donation page

Thanks for reading and watching my interview with Dan Smith. Please Tweet me @Radio1045johnny with comments or ideas for future #RunWithRadio1045Johnny blogs.

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