Thrillist names MLK Drive The Most Scenic Drive in all of PA

Philadelphia really is beautiful isn't it? My heart swells with pride every time i see a favorite Philly spot make a national best of list, like Thrillist's recent naming of Martin Luther King Drive as the"most scenic drive" in the entire state.

Kelly Drive gets a lot of recognition, but Thrillist really gets it when it comes to the awesomeness of MLK Drive.

Check out the Thrillist write up in full belowl:

Pennsylvania: Martin Luther King Drive

Kelly Drive gets maybe more attention, but Martin Luther King Drive has better views -- especially of Boathouse Row, the line of 19th-century boathouses spread along the Schuylkill River. This route is one of the quickest into Philly but has tons of spots worth stopping at, including the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the lake’s surrounding park region. The riverfront loop here is beloved by cyclists and joggers too, and you’d be wise to follow their lead and hop out to stretch your legs for a bit. Spend the morning working up an appetite, then head to the North end of the drive for a panini and smoothie at Trolley Car Cafe.

Wondering about the other states - dive into the full feature here: via Thrillist

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