Dynamic Stretching and Warm-ups #RunWithRadio1045Johnny

Hello Runners! How is your training going? I was on vacation this week, yet managed to log in 29+ miles for the week, including a Saturday morning out-and-back 14 miler with Team Philly and the Philadelphia Marathon. We started the Saturday long run in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art with a couple hundred runners going through the Team Philly dynamic stretching warm up, which made me realize that many runners may not be warming up for their run properly. Are you warming up properly before you runs?

I’ve generally been diligent at doing static stretches before and after my runs (a basic hamstring, quad and calve stretch). However, I’ve been doing it wrong...and most of us are likely guilty of this... if stretching at all.

Instead of a static stretch, dynamic stretching is a much more effective way of preparing your body for your run and even performing better! A dynamic stretching routine is a better way to activate cold muscles and prepares your body for the movement associated with running, while also increasing your core temperature, elongating muscles and stimulating your nervous system…and reducing injury risk! (source: therapeuticassociates)

So for this week's #RunWithRadio1045Johnny blog I've found a couple of different approaches to a dynamic stretching warm up. They both look good and I plan to experiment with versions of both of 'em!

Give 'em a try and let me know how you make out or if you have more effective dynamic warm up tips you'd like to share with the Radio 104.5 runners! You can always Tweet me at @Radio1045Johnny

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