Sophie Greenberg of Riverby + Pigeon Culture on Self-Esteem, Songwriting

Sophie Greenberg of Riverby is a singer-songwriter originally from South Jersey now living in Philadelphia. In addition to their work on the project Riverby, Sophie also sings a little bit with The Tisburys and just started a brand new project with Celia Tice called Pigeon Culture. During our interview, Sophie talks about the process of making the latest EP, The Guide to Oversharing and recording the songs with The Tisburys. We talked about how Sophie got started in music and developed their skills, the inspiration behind the ep title and some of the songs, which include Belle and Sebastian, Death Cab for Cutie, and Best Coast... Sophie shared opinions about some of the saddest songs and their appeal, why Heaven Hill is their chosen bourbon and why it was included in the lyrics of an untitled/unrecorded song that Riverby plays live. We debated whether we would rather go to battle against a horse-sized duck or 100 duck sized horses. Sophie also talked about self-esteem, getting psyched up to leave the house, the video they made with Bob Sweeney for "The Truth" which just came out in August, and upcoming shows happening this Fall.

Some upcoming shows with Riverby:

9/21 at Everybody Hits with Dude York and Past Life

10/2 at The Pharmacy with Bridal Party, Camp Candle, Tubey Frank

Some upcoming shows with Pigeon Culture:

9/13 at John and Peter's in New Hope w/ The Tisburys and the Pete Hill Band

9/21 in Manayunk at Manafest at the Grape Room at 1pm

9/26 at Dawson Street Pub for Jealous of the Birds residency

Find Riverby online: Riverby on Facebook, Riverby on IG, Riverby on Twitter, Riverby on Spotify, Riverby on Bandcamp

Find Pigeon Culture on Instagram

Watch the video for "The Truth" by Riverby, directed by Bob Sweeney below.

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