Wawa Named "Best Fast Food" In Pennsylvania By Food & Wine Magazine

Can’t say we really would put Wawa under the “fast food” category, but if we’re being technical… sure, I guess so? Either way, it’s another great honor for our favorite food stop in PA and we won’t turn down another positive ranking on a list!

Food & Wine Magazine came out with a new list, and for “Fast Food”, Wawa was their #1 pick for Pennsylvania (statewide — looking at you, Sheetz!)

Food & Wine calls Wawa “the most popular destination for quick and affordable bite for generations of hard working people in the southeastern part of the state, and increasingly, beyond.

They also added that it stood out because of three key components — hoagies, coffee, and their no-franchise policy.

We can’t say we disagree! And it appears Wawa gets another point the ongoing feud with Sheetz!

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