Motorola Reportedly Bringing Back The Iconic Razr Phone

Nostalgia may have just its peak with this one!

6ABC reports that rumors are swirling that phone company Motorola could be bringing back its iconic Rawr phone and selling it by the end of this year! Yep, THAT Razr phone! The one you probably had in maybe pink, or the (Red) color.

Could be a pricey get though, as a tech blog is projecting the launch will come “within the next few months” and could go for… wait for it…. $1,500. Even the newest iPhone doesn’t cost that much! Remains to be seen if they’ll stick to the original concept completely, or if it’ll be some hybrid of a razor thin phone with maybe a touch screen on the front? We’re definitely interested in seeing how this turns out for sure!

Travel back with us when the Razr first debuted in 2004…

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