Kim (Matt & Kim) DID Tear Her ACL!

Our thoughts and well wishes go out to Kim Schifino of Matt & Kim who tore her ACL on stage the other night! YIKES!

As Johnny reported earlier in the week, during a show in Omaha, Kim fell while dancing and declared that she probably tore her ACL. Though she continued to play the show because she's a badass like that. While she's not a doctor, it wasn't the first time this has happened (as she rocks out HARD onstage) and tore her other ACL a few years ago. This led people to wonder if this was the case, what happens to that big "Grand" 10 year anniversary tour. we have some more answers!

The pair has taken to social media to confirm that it was, indeed, a torn ACL! HOWEVER, the show does go on and we will see that show in November at Franklin Music Hall.

"Well, it’s confirmed... torn ACL.

After she fell off her kick drum on stage 20 minutes into the set at Maha Fest she continued to play for 40 minutes and finish the show with a complete ACL tear on her right kick drum leg.

Kim’s the most badass person I know and a true performer.

And in the saying “the show must go on” she has gone directly into physical therapy and her doctor says with intensive work she will be ready to go for the GRAND anniversary tour this fall. As incredibly sad as she is about this injury she was even more sad at the prospect of missing this tour so we are proud to say it will happen.

Yet unfortunately we will be canceling@seahearnowfest coming up next month. Her doctor feels it’s too soon and dangerous for her recovery. Our sincere apologies to those going to the fest.

Kim says thank you so much for the well wishes the other day and we’ll see you soon."

Love to hear that the show goes on, and we wish Kim a very speedy recovery!!

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