Oh no! Kim (from Matt and Kim) may have tore her ACL!

Poor Kim! It looks like Kim Schifino from our favorite naughty duo, Matt and Kim, may have torn her ACL...again. While dancing around during their Omaha show, she fell and when she made her way back to her drum kit, she turned to Matt and declared she may have torn her ACL. (If you recall, back in 2017 she fell during a concert and tore her other ACL. , several years back, she broke her foot on the stairs of her Brooklyn home).

Following the Omaha show, Matt and Kim took to their socials for an update, 'another on stage fall last night in Omaha. Sometimes when life gives you lemons, wait a little bit and it'll give your more...lemons...We can’t be sure until she gets an MRI but it might be her other ACL'.

No word yet on the status of their 'Grand' 10 Year Anniversary Tour, which is scheduled for Franklin Music Hall on November 19th. We'll keep you posted... and we are wishing Kim and the best for a speedy recovery.