Jersey Woman Promptly Burns Pennywise Doll After It Floats Into Her Yard

In what it may be a very detailed stunt for “It: Chapter 2” coming out or a purely dark joke gone wrong, a Jersey woman got the surprise of a lifetime when a Pennywise doll just… floated into her yard. Yeah, that’s gonna be a no for us.

Renee Jensen from Harrington Park was with her boyfriend when she saw something near her side gate — it was something floating from the area headed straight for her yard. She went over and saw something she most definitely did not expect — a rather large Pennywise the Clown doll. The mouth was even made red with fake “blood.” It even had writing on its forehead — a bunch of random letters and numbers.

She ended up calling the police, and they took the clown in as evidence. The officers took stock, but with no answers, they told her to simply get rid of it. So what did Renee do? She burned the thing. Renee was still shook up, saying that on that night, she even slept with a knife. They considered it funny, but also creepy — was it a promotion? Or was it something more sinister? They have no answers as of now, but we’re hoping it was a promotion of some sort. She’s also glad her children weren’t there for it, either.

Photo: Renee Jensen/Facebook

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