Radio 104.5 IS your new location for Woodstock 50!

Radio 104.5 has saved Woodstock 50! (sort of)

You've seen all the reports about the ill-fated Woodstock 50 Festival, which was on....then it was off....then it was on...then it was off to the point where the whole thing became a bit embarrassing until they finally stuck a fork in it....UNTIL...Radio 104.5 has once again un-canceled it!

That's right! Let your freak flags fly this weekend for 3 more days of peace, love and music on Radio 104.5. That's right, Radio 104.5 World Headquarters in Bala Cynwyd is the new (virtual) home of Woodstock 50. Make you're listening, starting Friday (8/16) around noon, as we'll be playing sets of the artists originally scheduled for Woodstock 50 at the top of each hour throughout the weekend and Jammmin' Jessie is vibing up the studio as I write this! (I've also heard something about mud pits and naked people in the studio????)

This is YOUR Woodstock 50 and it's long overdue!

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