Philly Mayor's Cup #RunWithRadio1045Johnny

Hey Runner! How was your Saturday long run? The weather finally turned more favorable, so hopefully you logged some miles. I participated in a 10 Mile road race as part of Philly’s Mayor’s Cup collection of races. If you’re unfamiliar, the Mayor's Cup brings together the entire Philly running community as represented by various running groups and there are races for any preference ranging from half-marathons to 5Ks to road runs to trail runs.

All in all there were 5 events, with staggered start times, but all starting and ending at the same start/finish line. And, with this race, there are no individual winners; rather the top female and male from each club earns points based on their finish position and their points go in to determining the Mayor’s Cup Champion! (I ran the 10 miler, but fortunately, my team had a faster male to properly represent!)

According to the official website, “The Mayor's Cup was born out of a simple observation: Philadelphia has a tremendous network of local Running Clubs that challenge, motivate, and inspire allegiance from their runners.” Which leads me back to my post from a few weeks back… if you are looking at training for a Half or Full Marathon this Fall, it’s definitely worth exploring running clubs around you. They are great resources to keep you on your schedule and maintain your desired pace, while also a great place to develop friendships with other runners.

Next week, my ‘official’ Marathon training season kicks off, so will likely cover a related topic. Also, in the very near future, I will be featuring a blog on running shoes. What is your favorite running shoe? Tweet me! Also, Tweet me @radio1045johnny with any other comments or ideas for this blog!

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