Judah & The Lion's new song "Let Go" is ESPN's 2019 College Football Anthem

Talk about an awesome surprise, our faves Judah & The Lion have been chosen by ESPN to supply their official 2019 College Football Season Anthem - and it's a brand new song called "Let Go." (It's not a song originally on their latest album 'Pep Talks' though I noticed on Spotify they've snuck it in on the album as track #15 if you're looking for it there).

You know this song is going to be all over the place this year, with new fans finding them with every promo and every game, but we'll be able to say we knew them back when :)

ESPN cut the song down a bit for fancy video goodness (which will likely give you goosebumps when you watch it, below) and you can hear the song in its entirety HERE or wherever you steam music.

Judah & the Lion will be back in Philly to play The Met for the first time on Friday, September 13th. TICKETS/MORE SHOW INFO

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