Jersey Residents Want Answers Over Mystery 'Booming' Noise From Philly

If you live in South Jersey towns like Cinnaminson, Gloucester City, and Palmyra, you’ve probably been hearing loud booming noises, especially over the weekends, and wondering what is going on. As NBC10 reports, the noises are “strong enough to shake the walls of your home.”

Well, it’s still a bit of a mystery - Gloucester City officials last month claimed that the noise was actually coming from across the Delaware River (from PHILLY!) and at one particular time, coming from “Boom Cars” that were parked near the Linc. As NBC10 reports, these types of cars are designed with very loud audio systems purposely for “excessive sound pressure levels and noises that can be heard and felt over a long distance.” They’re typically used in illegal drag racing events.

However, the noise has been an issue for several years in the area - and the area that the noise was coming from before has now been patrolled recently and it’s not coming from there anymore. There were other parties in the area with over 100 cars, and now police fear that these could be moved to different locations in the city. It would appear that these new parties could be the source of the noise, but there’s been no official confirmation of where the noise continues to come from. It does appear that it’s still coming from Philly, though.

Residents say they hear bass - just tons of bass. “Boom, boom, boom.” And again, it has continued for years. Residents want answers, but there hasn't been many yet. And it appears there may not be enough done, as Philly is out of the jurisdiction of South Jersey's police department.

NBC10 reports that Philly’s police department is going to meet with South Jersey’s law enforcement this Friday to figure out what to do about the situation.

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