New bill could levy $15k fine for sharing Meme?????

The Senate Judiciary Committee has voted to advance the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims (CASE) Act out of committee and can now go the floor for a full Senate vote. If passed, it would create a copyright small claims court, allowing for arbitration within Copyright office, with damages capped at $15,000 for each infringement and $30,000 in total, as reported by Billboard.

Participation in the system is voluntary on both sides, as the 6th Amendment guarantees the right to a trial by jury, but due to cost, this may be an enticing option.

If this law is to pass, it could make it much easier for content creators to sue over the use of copyright protected Meme sharing, though something tells me your average social media user will not end up in court over sharing a funny Gritty Meme!

Balance Of Power In Senate To Be Decided During Midterm Elections

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