Could you imagine running 135 miles in 42 hours? #RunWithRadio1045Johnny

How was your weekend long run? I got out and did 10 and it was great to see so many Radio 104.5 listeners (Rachael, Tina and Tim) along with my running pals from Team Philly (Roberta, Beth, Jen, Ross, Chris, Kenny, Jill, Dianne, Irma, Mike and I may have missed some)…also, got a big wave from a runner who’s name I don’t know, but love that about running!

For this week’s post, I want to share my interview with a very inspiring woman, Mary from Norristown, who I met randomly at last Sunday’s Radio 104.5 Summer Block Party. I saw her Badwater Ultra Marathon shirt and we struck up a conversation, which I decided to have captured on video (sorry about the loud background music – it was a bit spontaneous and we were in the middle of the lot at Xfinity Live). For the Badwater Ultra Marathon, she ran 135 miles over 42 hours, while only sleeping 15 minutes during the course of the race. Can you even imagine accomplishing that??? I am so impressed with Mary’s running resume, and during the the interview she also shared her tips for aspiring Marathoners and Ultra-Marathoners.

Prior to my conversation with Mary, I could not even fathom an Ultra (anything over 26.2 miles)…and probably still can’t, yet at the same time, I realize with all running goals, its about gradual increases in distance. So, if you can barely run a mile now, you can work your way up to 3…once you can run 3, you can run 5 and so on! Enjoy the interview! (Mary was able to go from her first full 26.2 mile Marathon to the 135 mile Badwater Ultra Marathon in only 3 years!)

Also, Philly area runners got some some great news this week, Philly Free Streets returns next weekend, August 3rd from 8a-1p. Unfortunately, I will be helping my sister move, so will not be able to enjoy the car free roads, but hoping you will!

As always, thanks for reading (and watching) and please share your feedback/ideas with me via Twitter @Radio1045Johnny. Also, I’m planning an upcoming blog on running shoes, so would love for you to Tweet me with your favorite running shoes!

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