Gritty Pays Tribute To Icons From Philadelphia

This is amazing!

In his short amount of time being the Philadelphia Flyers mascot, our very own Gritty has certainly become a Philly icon, right? Well now, with the help from PhillyMag, the orange creature is paying tribute to a bunch of other Philly legends too!

In photographs for the magazine Gritty takes on Hall And Oates, Will Smith (Fresh Prince), Rocky, Betsy Ross, Questlove, Tina Fey, and more!

Along with the pictures are little blurbs with Gritty's thoughts on the original subjects in only the way Gritty can. For instance, on Hall and Oates he says “They said, ‘Name a more iconic duo,’ so I showed up with the Phanatic. J-Man’s ’stache wasn’t not the inspiration for my beard. I mean, look at that coif.” Hah!

Check out ALL the pictures and blurbs HERE, and take a look at some of my favorites VIA Gritty himself.

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