John's Roast Pork Named One Of The Best Sandwich Shops In The US

When it comes to sandwiches from our city of Philadelphia, the go-to is of course the Philly cheesesteak, right? That being said, don't forget just how amazing a great roast pork sandwich is!

Thrillist didn't forget that! In fact, the iconic John's Roast Pork was included on their list of the 33 best sandwich shops in The US!

John's was the only Philly entry on the list which didn't rank the shops by number but just listed their favorites alphabetically. I'd say it's a great choice though. While there's a lot of tourist trap shops in the area, you really can't go wrong with John's.

So why did they pick it?? Here's their explanation:

"Calling out a Philly sandwich shop whose specialty ISN'T a cheesesteak might seem like a more egregious Brotherly Love blasphemy than preferring a Dennis-less Always Sunny. But, alas, it is the right call. John's Roast Pork's specialty is... obviously... their eponymous roast pork: a truly legendary Philadelphia sandwich with sharp provolone, a surprisingly delicious sautéed spread of spinach (you read that right), and the juiciest smoked pork known to man (or beast).

"But even their cheesesteak, while less heralded than phillies from shops like Tony Luke's, Dalessandro’s, or Ishkabibble’s -- can hold its own against any and all contenders. So it is incredibly difficult to go wrong with any order. Unless you just get a glass of ice water and call it a night. That would be wrong.

"At any rate, they've been making these suckers since 1930 (it's "Pop Pop's recipe" after all) and if the continuous line that forms every day at lunchtime is any indication, it's not going anywhere, anytime soon. For Pennsylvanians, John's is the jawn. Don't worry if you can't understand that -- people from Philly do."

That's a lot of Philly references! So do you agree/disagree? Should more Philly spots been included on the list?

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