Silversun Pickups Backstage at our Radio 104.5 Summer Block Party

Silversun Pickups talk Stranger Things British accents, water slides, and more backstage at our July Free Summer Block Party with Mike Jones!

Nikki and Brian of Silversun Pickups are back in Philly on one of the hottest days of the year. They joke about Mike Jone's popsicle shorts-suit which he notes would taste like sweat, and share their plans of running through the sprinklers and going down the waterslide - good thing Nikki keeps an extra swim suit on the tour bus!

Their new album titled, "Widow's Weeds" is out now. The band shares that the nerves and excitement of releasing an album are always the same. Brian explains, "It all feels the same in a really weird way, you know what I mean, it's an intense experience and then we're, this is the moment where we almost have to figure it out what it is that we really did, if that makes sense. So you start to really as you're performing them live and you listen to the record, to see what eventually happens it becomes another animal so it's always this is the part where we're also understanding what it is." He continues that explain that while making an album you're working in the present but once it's finished and released, it becomes a whole new animal.

Not sure if you've heard of it, but there's a little show on Netflix called Stranger Things. Being huge fans of the show (aren't we all?!) the band posted a Stranger Things #TBT on the 4th of July in celebration of the third season. The pair also tried to visit the Stranger Things pop up in Los Angeles but couldn't use their celeb status to jump the 6-hour line. Nikki did however make it to the Scoops Ahoy pop up ice cream shop!

Back to the music, the band talks about working with Butch Vig saying, "He's ready for whatever you're gonna throw at him and he'll just take what it is that you're doing and just crank the knob up much further, if that makes sense. He's such a wizard." -- a wizard in a good way as the trio joke.

The band along with Mike Jones can't stop laughing as they continue to joke about water slides and practice their British accents.

Check out the fun interview below:

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