Shaed Backstage at our Radio 104.5 July Summer Block Party

Johnny is backstage at our Free Radio 104.5 July Summer Block party with Shaed talking about Chelsea's ever-changing look, having their music in an Apple commercial, gearing up for their trip to Japan and more.

With the huge success of their single Trampoline, the band has found their music in an apple commercial, on the radio, streaming as the #1 song in the US as well as in Japan, and have gotten the opportunity to play shows and festivals. Their biggest crowd as only a few days ago in Sacramento where they played a festival to 7,000 fans (we have a feeling their crowds will only continue to grow.) So do they prefer the crowds of 7,000 or 150 people in a more intimate setting? Chelsea comments, "I think it always depends, everything is a little bit different, you know, club shows are super cool and we love those but we also love the crowds. So I think it kind of depends. We love everything."

So what's next for Shaed? The band shares that they are gearing up for a new album in the Fall with Chelsea explaining, "So we're just writing constantly on off-days and um, yea, we're really excited about the new music!" She continues, "I think that we are giving ourselves a lot of pressure just because we wanna really utilize this time and really kind of take advantage of the visibility that we have right now."

Twin band-mate Max Ernst (or was it Spencer?) continues the conversation sharing, "It's cool too because like Trampoline, you know, we wrote that song and it was one of our, we didn't expect it to be what it was. It's kind of more one of our elective center songs I'd say, so it's really encouraged us to explore more sounds, different types of song writing, and stuff like that." The band is constantly trying to evolve and grow. Since they work out of their home and produce their own music, they can control their sound and play with new instruments. Fun fact: 90% of Trampoline was recorded in their own studio!

And an evolution into Christmas music might be in the bands future! Either that or a collaboration with the Twin's mom!

Check out the full interview below:

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