Street Artist Replaces Old Johnny Rockets Sign With "Jawny Ratchets" Sign

This is definitely the most "Philly" thing to happen this week!

While it's been well over a year since Johnny Rockets closed their iconic South Street location, nothing has moved in yet and the big sign has stayed up.

Now street artist Kid Hazo took advantage of that yesterday putting a whole new (VERY Philly) sign in it's place. Keeping the same font and look the new sign had one big difference: it now said "Jawny Ratchets." Hah!!

This is absolutely hilarious. Apparently the new sign was obviously meant to give us some Philly humor but to also promote "Signs," an upcoming exhibition at Paradigm Gallery the features Hazo's work among other Philly artists.

Apparently the sign has already been taken down, but not without it being captured of course! Take a look:

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