Phillies Fans Want Bryce Harper's Phanatic Headband

Since Bryce Harper joined the Philadelphia Phillies, he's certainly not afraid to show his love for our team and our beloved mascot!

Remember when he wore that Phanatic/Gritty tee-shirt and everyone bought them too?

Well, now there's another item Phillies fans are pining over after yesterday's game: Harper's Phanatic headband! During yesterday's game against the Dodgers it started to rain and Harper took off his helmet to reveal a really cool Phanatic headband. From what we could see it's got Phanatic's face on it as we could see his eyes placed right above Bryce's.

Of course this was captured on film and shared around with fans wondering how they can get their hands on their own Phanatic headband to beat the heat at games this summer!

So can you get your own? The answer is yes!! When asked, the Phillies Twitter account says it's available at the New Era Phillies Team Store at the park! I have a feeling these are going to be selling real well now!

Take a look:

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