Philly = STRESSED OUT according to new study

Yikes! This isn't exactly great news - according to a new study of 182 U.S. cities by Wallethub, Philadelphia ranks #5 overall in the most stressful cities in the country to live in, and is #1 overall for traffic congestion.

On the stress front they looked at factors including: work stress, financial stress, family stress, and health and safety stress along with divorce and suicide rates, average weekly work hours, and poor health. 

And on the traffic front all they had to do was take one look at the Schuylkill (educated guess on my part)

Not sure there's an easy solution to the traffic situation, but getting a handle on stress is something that we have a bit more personal control of. Some of my go to stress-busters include yoga, going for a run on Kelly Drive or a hike in Wissahickon Park, or just hanging with my pup Matilda.

via The Philly Voice

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