Kevin Smith Announces Live Reading Of Unmade Clerks 3 Screenplay In Jersey!

Remember years ago when it was announced that Kevin Smith was adding a third installment to his "Clerks" movie series? Of course we were super excited to hear that we would once again catch up with Dante and Randal...but then it never happened. Why? Because Jeff Anderson, who played Randal, wouldn't do it. While the role could only be played by him, and he's the main character of the movie, it had to be shelved.

So what would Clerks 3 have been like? Would we ever really know?? Well, some lucky fans are about to find out exactly what that movie would have been like via a live reading of the movie's screenplay right in New Jersey!

Since Smith's films always take place in Jersey he's planned a reading of the unmade movie at First Avenue Playhouse in Atlantic Highlands (about an hour and a half from Philly). The place holds a lot more significance as it's the spot where Smith held auditions for the original Clerks over 25 years ago.

The reading will take place Saturday August 3rd and will include a group of Smith's unnamed "friends." Hmmm..this sounds pretty epic, right?? He's got a lot of famous friends that will definitely be reading a hilarious screenplay for a room that only holds 80 people!

Tickets are $100 and it looks like it's already sold out! I would still keep an eye out though. Maybe he'll add another night of it or future installments?? Take a look at more info, via Smith's tweet below.

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