JOYWAVE has shared a thought provoking new video for 'Like A Kennedy'

Our pals from Joywave (as seen on the Mall Chevrolet New Music Discovery Stage at the 2018 Radio 104.5 Birthday Show) have just shared a brand new song, 'Like A Kennedy' and a provocative video to accompany it. ***warning*** the video contains images which some may find disturbing.

With that said, the video is certainly thought provoking, and may end up being a bit controversial. Here's what frontman Daniel Armbruster has to say about it (and you can watch the video below)

The past several years has provided a front row seat to the most turbulent time in American history since the 1960s. We're constantly exposed to a loop of never-ending tragedy in the media, but so much of it seems avoidable with proper legislation and governance. The events of November 1963 are still fresh in many Americans minds. How is it possible that in the 55 years since an American President fell victim to gun violence, nothing has changed? Until we stop clinging to partisan talking points and cliche's, the almost daily, deadly cycle of shootings in our Country is bound to continue.
-Daniel Armbruster, JOYWAVE

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