New Snow Day Law In PA

Womp womp....

While it's way too hot outside to imagine a snow day, they will be back and a lot different! Past snow days included impromptu sledding trips, making snowmen, and all kinds of other fun...but not anymore. A new law was passed in PA that will make those days a whole lot less fun!

Yup...Governor wolf signed a bill that will now force students to "work from home" instead of enjoying their day off the way we should. The new law will now call snow days “flexible instructional days." Sound kinda lame? Well, it is.

PhillyMag says "under the program, school districts approved by the state Board of Education would distribute previously devised lesson plans on these so-called flex days. The plans would include information on how students and employees can use technology (like the internet, laptops, iPads, phones, etc.) to conduct what would at best resemble a normal school day, only at home and with some “flexibility.”

Really?? I mean, it's cool that less days will have to be made up in the summer but a snow day is a sacred thing to a kid!!

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