Drunk Streaker Arrested At Firefly

Were you in attendance at Firefly Music Festival this past weekend?? If so, you may have spotted a drunken naked man knocking over DJ equipment!

Hah! Numerous news outlets are reporting news about the streaker who was arrested for his actions! According to the police, the unnamed 21 year old was a resident of Dover where the fest took place. They say at some point Saturday night he stripped naked, streaked through the Bud Light tent, and knocked over some gear being used by a DJ in the tent.

Shortly after he was arrested on misdemeanor criminal mischief charges, and accompanied to a medical tent because he “had a medical issue related to his intoxication level.”

Even though it was a small disruption, some involved in the incident still say there are no hard feelings at all! In fact, one festivalgoer posted to Reddit saying that her boyfriend was punched by the streaker during the incident! She then goes on to say “If anyone knows him let him know, no hard feelings, come over for a beer sometime!”

Hah! I mean considering some of the crazy things that are known to go down at music festivals, a rowdy streaker isn't that big a deal, right? Anyone spot him while at the show over the weekend?

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