Lewis Capaldi's First Online Beef....With Noel Gallagher!

Lewis Capaldi is quickly taking over the world with his music, but it seems maybe not everyone loves him like we do! After meeting the star at our 12th Birthday Celebration, I find it hard to believe that anyone could have beef with him...however leave it to Noel Gallagher!

Yup...the former Oasis member is trashing Lewis, however Capaldi couldn't be more excited about the attention! Hah!

So what's going on here? It started in an interview Noel was doing for UK radio where he was asked about music he wished he'd penned. In regular Noel fashion he trashed current music and hit out at Lewis Capaldi with a few bad words thrown in for good measure.

Capaldi's resonse? Pure joy! He took to his Insta story to post a video watching the video and loving it! “Noel Gallagher has just slagged me off. This is dreams coming true."

But it didn't stop there! Now Gallagher has taken to his Twitter to hit back at Capaldi again...this time with his 11 year old in tow calling him a "big daftie" while playing his music. Yikes! This whole thing is kinda funny since Lewis loves it and Noel is taking it very seriously.

Check out everything that has happened so far:

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