Philly Dilly (Pickle Pizza??)

I'm all about different types of pizza, but I'm not sure that I'm quite ready for this one!

People love pizza and they love pickles, but what happens when you combine both of them? A treat that Philadelphia pizza shop Barra Rossa is calling the "Philly Dilly." Hah! Whether you want to try the pizza or not, you have to admit the name has a good ring to it!

So what does the "Philly Dilly" entail? It's a white pie topped with sliced classic dill pickles, garlic oil, Asiago cheese, mozzarella, fresh garlic and garlic parmesan sauce.

Interested in giving it a try? The restaurant (located at 929 Walnut St.) will be offering free slices on Flag Day (Friday). Take a look at the pie:

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