Man Trying EVERY Cheesesteak In The Tri-State Area!

Being in the Philly (or tri-state) area you know just how many opportunities there are to try different cheesesteaks, right? Well, one man is looking to boldly go where no one has gone before: trying every single cheesesteak in the area!

In finding the ultimate cheesesteak, Jim Pappas has turned what he's calling a "Philadelphia Cheesesteak Adventure" into a job. So far he's tried one cheesesteak a day, 275 so far, trying every single one. He pays for every single one too, and it's all documented on his blog.

As 6ABC reports "The 56-year-old Swarthmore native, who now lives in Delaware, got divorced, ended his 25-year financial services career when the market crashed in 2008, and was diagnosed with leukemia."

So he wanted to have some fun! And he's certainly nowhere near done. For those wondering, he doesn't eat the whole cheesesteak, instead eating half and giving the other half to a homeless person each day. Love that!

Check out video on his mission:

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