Johnny's new running blog ....#RunWithRadio1045Johnny

Radio 104.5 (and is all about the music and our passion for all things Philly! With that said, I personally also have a passion for running…

I was out on my weekly 10+ mile run (brag a little Johnny?), and encountered at least 4 known Radio 104.5 listeners (Diane, Jen, Sara, Brian) along Kelly Drive/MLK (The Loop) and realized something I already knew...running indexes very high with the Radio 104.5 listening community. So, we're trying an experiment by devoting a weekly blog post to all things hopes of helping you run better by sharing the things I’ve learned along my running journey….AND hopefully learning from each other too!

Frankly, I'm not sure where this will go, as I realize this blog is not ‘Runners World’. However, with a large build, I’m your atypical runner but have figured out ways to stay motivated, run very long distances (at a respectable pace) and convince myself to love the pain that goes along with running long miles. More importantly, I’m hoping to involve other members of the Radio 104.5 listening community and experts to share their knowledge/motivation!

Briefly, my running ‘resume’ includes 6 Broad Street Runs, more Half Marathons than I can remember without surveying my medals, and 4 Marathons…with a planned 5th this November.

Topics worth exploring (off the top of my head!)…

  • Getting started
  • Keeping your motivation
  • Great places to run
  • Running clothes
  • Running sneakers
  • Running gadgets
  • Running Apps
  • Marathon Training
  • Half Marathon Training
  • Nutrition
  • Hydration
  • Race day prep & rituals
  • Injuries (& prevention)
  • Chafing
  • Stretching
  • Speed workouts
  • Upcoming races
  • Running groups
  • Elite runners
  • Master runners
  • Running with babies and dogs
  • The Cheer Zone
  • Race Tourism
  • Alternative Rock star runners

And, your running stories

So, whether you’re still sitting on your couch trying to get started or you’re a multiple Marathon finisher, I’m hoping to create a launch point to help us all run farther, faster…and have more fun too!

Please send me a Tweet (@Radio1045Johnny) if you like this idea and would like to contribute along the way!


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