PPA says they didn't ticket car, which caught on fire, in front of The TLA

Are you down with the PPA after what appeared to be a ticket on a car which had recently caught on fire? Save your wrath until the next time you get an actual ticket you don’t deserve, as they say this was not their doing!

Yesterday, we shared a video of a car, which apparently caught on fire in front of The TLA….with a ticket from PPA! And, all of our collective wrath against PPA came out…the nerve…the inhumanity!

Well, according to PPA, the video (uploaded by Stephanie Gartunutti on FB, from a video shared by a friend), showed a ticket on the vehicle…however the PPA claims they did not actually issue the ticket. So, it sounds like an opportunist may have seen this vehicle and placed ticket envelope on the vehicle in the spirit of creating a good old viral video

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