Franklin Institute's Train Exhibit Getting MAJOR Renovation!

An iconic and beloved part of Philly's Franklin Institute just announced it's going through some major renovations!

If you've ever been to the museum there's no doubt you visited the Train Factory Exhibit, right? It's always a big highlight of the trip! However, it seems the area around it was getting a little dated. That said, come 2024 (just in time for the 200th anniversary of the museum) the exhibit will go through a SIX MILLION DOLLAR renovation!

Thanks to that very expensive gift, the exhibit will be turned into two-story gallery!

Keeping the train as the center of the exhibit, it will be renamed "Treasures of the Franklin Institute" and will display special items from the museum's collections, many of which have never been seen before.

This is said to include Benjamin Franklin's glass armonica, a 1912 letter from Alexander Graham Bell, a Thomas Edison light bulb and drawings by Wilbur and Orville Wright.

While the new exhibit is a long way away, check out a 3-D rendering released of what it's set to look like, as well as a video of what the space looks like now.

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