The Lumineers Radio 104.5 Birthday Show Setlist!

Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday's Radio 104.5 12th Birthday Show! I'm confident that you'll agree that we enjoyed a pretty amazing day of live music from so many artists and punctuated by The Lumineers first Birthday Show headlining spot...and they delivered!

Their set list was represented by favorites from their first 2 albums, as well as a preview of their 3rd album, III, which will be released on September well as a CCR cover

Just a couple of notes/observations from me...I found it very interesting that they brought out a cover for their 2nd song...and played their biggest song 'Ho Hey' relatively early in the set (6th song). Most bands would save the big hit until the end, but The Lumineers have the confidence to play it early and still keep (most of the) people from rushing to their cars. Well played Lumineers!

Sleep on the Floor (from Cleopatra-2016)

Have You Ever Seen the Rain? (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)

Cleopatra (from Cleopatra-2016)

Life in the City (from III-2019)

Flowers in Your Hair (from The Lumineers-2012)

Ho Hey (from The Lumineers-2012)

Gloria (from III-2019)

Leader of the Landslide (from III-2019)

Slow It Down (from The Lumineers-2012)

Ophelia (from Cleopatra-2016)

Big Parade (from The Lumineers-2012)


Donna (from III-2019)

Angela (from Cleopatra-2016)

Stubborn Love (from The Lumineers-2012)

Encore 2:

Salt and the Sea (Live Debut) (from III-2019)

The Lumineers - Stephen Eckert

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