Philly's Hop Sing Laundromat Named One Of America's Best Bars

Here in Philly, there's no shortage of great places to grab drinks, but today one got a very special honor!

Esquire magazine just released their list of "Best Bars In America," and our very own Hop Sing Laundromat made it! The Chinatown speakeasy placed number 27 on the list, the only bar representing Philly on there. Though you definitely have to make it through the door, they say it's totally worth it for the great drinks!

Says PhillyVoice:

"Esquire calls the 2019 list "ones that we think do the best job of deepening a sense of community and making everyone feel at home." Hop Sing — a windowless and doorless operation that will have you banned for one wrong move — is nothing but private, seemingly allowing for that sense of deepened community Esquire's looking for.

For its recommendation, Esquire notes the bar's "bibulous delights" represent a "gold standard of elegant sipping." 

If you're a first-timer, the magazine recommends the Henry "Box" Brown, named after a slave who escaped to freedom by mailing himself from Virginia to Philadelphia in a crate. It's pressed red grape juice and aged rum."

Have you visited Hop Sing before? Now would be a good time!

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