The Interrupters backstage at our 12th Radio 104.5 Birthday Celebration

Amber Miller is backstage with The Interrupters at our 12th Radio 104.5 Birthday Celebration chatting about their upcoming show at The Met Philly, their history with Vans Warped Tour, vision boards, and more.

Amber Miller sits down with the members of The Interrupters - Aimee Allen, Jessie Bivona, Justin Bivona, and Kevin Bivona - about their upcoming show at The Met Philly with 311 and Dirty Heads on July 19th. They joke about swinging from the chandeliers.

The band also reflects on their history with The Warped Tour. Kevin shares the band's journey saying, "Well how 'bout this: we played The Warped Tour right across the train tracks in the parking lot over there and we walked over here to this amphitheater because the catering was all set up here. And we looked at the big amphitheater stage and said 'Whoa! Imagine playing that stage.' And guess what we're doing today... dreams coming true!" He continues, "But yeah, we loved The Warped Tour. It was such a great, fun, challenging, learning experience for us and we're so grateful that we got to do it while it was happening."

Aimee adds, "Yeah, we made a lot of friends. A lot of bands that we grew up listening to, we found on The Warped Tour." Kevin calls The Warped Tour a punk rock summer camp.

The conversation turns to The Twilight Zone and Aimee comments on the weather noting that it always rains right after they play.

The group continues the conversation talking about their work with Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong and his introduction to the ska genre. Kevin says, "When we were on tour with them and, uh, that was another amazing, I mean talk about twilight zone - going on tour with a band that you grew up loving is just so surreal, amazing - but yeah so we were on tour together and he had this riff and he's like I think this can be a cool idea for a song and he had a really nice melody that went with it and sang it to us and it didn't really have like, uh, a genre or a style per se, just on an acoustic guitar. So, you know, when we worked it out, we wrote a song called 'Broken World,' and it's on Fight The Good Fight, our newest record, and, uh, when he heard it he was like I love it and then he also said I think this is, he goes I'm pretty sure this is the first ska song I've ever been a part of - which is awesome because ya know, the very last Operation Ivy show was the very first Green Day show. So like, he's been in the ecosystem of punk-ska, ya know, longer than most. So it's kind of cool.

Check out the full interview below:

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