Tomorrow Pennsylvania Honors Mr. Rogers With "143 Day"

Tomorrow will be a very special day in the neighborhood for Mr. Rogers fans, as Pennsylvania has picked the day (5/23) to honor the legendary late TV star.

Mr. Fred Rogers (who is from the Pittsburgh area), always stressed love and kindness on his TV series and tomorrow's celebration is called "143 Day." Rogers always considered the number 143 to be a special one, and for a good reason. To him, 143 stood for "I Love You", as I is one letter, Love has 4 letters, and You has 3.

So why was May 23rd significant for this day? Well, It's the 143rd day of the year. This day was created to raise awareness and to encourage Pennsylvanians to make extra effort to be kind to one another....specifically your neighbor. In fact, the hope is that everyone will do one kind thing for their neighbor.

The Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, Philly-based publisher Quirk Books, and schools are encouraged to use the #143DayinPA hashtag and post about their acts of kindness!

What a great idea! Being nice to others really does go a long way, and we don't always realize what a long way one nice word can go!

Check out more info on the day, via it's official website HERE!

And take a look at some of Mr. Rogers' best moments:

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