Philly's Got The 8th Sexiest Accent In America

Well, here's an unexpected accolade for our city of Philadelphia!

Being from Philly it's hard to think of the way we talk as an "accent," but there's definitely a Philly accent. While I'd describe it to most as an "acquired taste," to others it's actually perceived as sexy! WHAT! Can youse believe that?!?

Yup a company called “Big 7 Travel" released a list of the “Top 50 USA Sexiest Accents," and the Philly dialect came in number 8! The top ten! Just for comparison sake the "Texan" accent took the top spot and the "Long Islander" accent was the least sexy.

Here's how they describe our accent and why it takes that coveted 8th place:

“One of the world’s most unique dialects is in the Delaware Valley – the infamous Philly talk. The words ‘fight’ and ‘bike’ sound more like ‘foit’ and ‘boik,’ while ‘very’ becomes ‘vurry.’ It’s a thick accent, but hey, if it’s good enough for Will Smith…”

Guess you can't argue with that jawn then, can ya?

Turns out the Jersey accent is found a LOT less sexy taking the 49th spot. Hah!

Take a look at the full survey HERE!

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