Behold: Gritty's resume

Ahhhh....Gritty. Apparently he's looking for a seasonal/summer job in the off season, as he just tweeted out his resume. (Honestly, I'd pay him just to hang out with me.) This gives us all sorts of insight into the mysterious and crazy past of the Flyers mascot.

Some of his qualifications:

He attended Penn State Altoona (with 1.3 GPA - too much partying?!)

His special skills include being a master of karate & friendship (wait, is Gritty actually Dayman/Charlie Day?!) and he's fluent in conversational Morse Code.

His experience includes an internship at The Franklin Institute in 2016, and he provided janitorial services at Eastern State Penitentiary (where he was also part of the party-planning committee)

Gritty, we'd love to hire you to come in and hop behind the microphone (put that conversational Morse Code to work) and play some of your favorite songs - wanna come host Your Finest Hour on Radio 104.5? Have your people get in touch with our people.

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