Smash Mouth vs Philly part 1 (btw I thought we were pals!)

We thought the members of 90's band Smash Mouth were our Twitter pals, but apparently they have joined the ranks of Philly haters as they've begun trolling Bryce Harper on Twitter after he received some boos at Tuesday night's game at Citizen's Bank Park.

Obviously, they are just extremely jealous that Phillies signed Bryce Harper, while they're San Francisco Giants sit at the bottom of the NL West with 2nd worst overall record in the National League. Obviously, Bryce didn't want to sign with a last place team, especially with opportunity to play for the NL East leading Phillies and spend his career in the greatest city in America....and 3000 miles from Smash Mouth's lame attempts to troll him

Nonetheless, the Twitterverse is having lots of fun with the new Smash Mouth vs Philly feud! Enjoy some of the Tweets below...and enjoy Bryce Harper as a Philly for the next 13 years!

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