Of Monsters and Men just shared a teaser...WITH MUSIC!

Could the looooooonnnnnng wait for new music from our Icelandic friends Of Monsters and Men be almost over? They've been sharing photos from the studio for quite a little while now, but a new tweet from the band's official account today gives us two things to be really excited about.

  1. The word "Friday" - an educated guess that we'll be getting something of substance this Friday May 3rd (and they're not just singing the praises of that Ice Cube movie)
  2. The 20 second video snippet of the band in the studio features MUSIC. SWEET SWEET MUSIC! (an educated guess that it's theirs and not, say, the lead up to an epic Rick Roll)

Leading up to this they've been tweeting out a bunch of photos and alligator related stuffs...perhaps a song or album title?

Of Monsters and Men, you're officially at the top of my Twitter stalk list. Can't wait to hear what you have for us on Friday (unless it's a Rick Roll, that is)

It's been four years since their last album Beneath The Skin was released (June 2015)

Photo credit: Scott Weiner

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