INTERVIEW: Nikki Monninger on Silversun Pickups' "super-intense" new song

Today it's a celebration of the return of our friends Silversun Pickups - and Nikki Monninger checked in to fill us in on the new song & the album, Widow's Weeds, out on June 7th. It was produced by the legendary Butch Vig (in between his tour commitments with Garbage)

Nikki on the new song It Doesn't Matter Why "it's super-intense"

...on Philadelphia: "It's of our favorite cities...I can't wait to get back and see all your wonderful museums"

...on working with Butch Vig "it was such a nice experience, and he's such a sweet guy"

...on her current obsession: Game Of Thrones (same Nikki, same)

Listen to our full conversation below - thanks so much to Nikki for all the great news today and a lovely conversation - hope to see you back very very soon!

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