Jessie Interviews Dom Howard from Muse Backstage at the Wells Fargo Center

Last Sunday night, Jessie had a chance to chat with drummer/producer Dom Howard from Muse backstage at the Simulation Theory World Tour at the Wells Fargo Center. They discuss the tour and its production, costumes, set design, moments of surprise in the show so far and audiences' reactions.

Dom talked about how the songs and album were produced, and changes over the years how it compares making music now versus when the band first started, as well as what's inspiring the group. They get into a great conversation of computers and technology vs. traditional recording and bands playing, and how changing the recording process has allowed them to exercise more control over the finished musical product. Dom also talked about Muse's different takes on song versions on the deluxe editions, including their collaboration with the UCLA Marching Band, and how he likes "doing the right thing for the song" however that ends up turning out in the end, even if it wasn't how they originally envisioned it to sound.

Watch the full interview below!