LISTEN: Judah & the Lion "7000x"

Judah & the Lion's new album 'Pep Talks' is about a month away, it comes out on Friday, May 3rd, and they just shared another song from it called "7000x"...this one DEFINITELY lives up to the album title with lyrics like "get knocked down over 7000 times, here's your choice stay low or get up and fight, look at us getting up up up."

The band said about this new one: "Our new song 7000x is about hope and perseverance. It's about the fact that we all get knocked down, but we always have a choice to get back up again. It's about us (ALL OF US) getting up. Enjoy"

Love this one and the consistent way they help make the internet, our music, and yeah, the world a more positive place. (Also now I totally want to go listen to Tubthumping too)

Check out the latest from our Nashville friends, below.

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