Morey's Piers Hilarious April Fools Joke

Everyone loves a good trip to Morey's Pier (in Wildwood) in the summer, right? Well, the Wildwood boardwalk had shore-goers outraged the other day at a pretty crazy announcement: After 50 years, they said the piers would stop serving iconic Curly's fries! Why? To serve more vegan options! it turns out it was a pretty epic April Fools joke!

The joke went pretty deep too which included a full press release and even a fake social media survey which stated:

"New for 2019, Morey’s Piers introduces Greenery’s, a concession stand offering a variety of healthy and convenient food items that guests can eat on the go. Due to space and cost constraints Morey’s Piers was forced to rebrand the two current Curley’s Fries locations to house the new stand ...

"The responses Morey’s received in their social media post are in line with what studies are now showing. Generation Z consumers want healthier and more convenient food options, so much so, that their dining habits are impacting the entire food and beverage industry. Studies also show that compared to millennials, Gen Zers want more organic and natural foods without additives and they are more likely to be vegetarians."

Naturally this didn't sit well with people who took to social media freaking out about these "changes."

Just check out the post and some of the comments:

Well, as it turns out it was just a big joke! They went back on social media on Monday admitting that they fooled everybody, but they do have a reward to ease people's troubles: free fries at both locations ( at Mariner's Pier and Surfside Pier) early on opening day, April 13.

Take a look:

Hah! Well done, Morey's pier. Well done.

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