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Ahhhh, what a day! Before Simple Creatures (Mark Hoppus & Alex Gaskarth) made their live Philly debut at Warehouse on Watts...and before they went to the Flyers game to meet Gritty, they spent some quality time going deep and giving us all kinds of insight into their new musical venture & creative process with the official Radio 104.5 Philadelphia Simple Creatures Press Conference.

Here were a few of my favorite highlights:

Grace from Philly asked Mark & Alex what the inspiration was behind the band name and what other names they had considered...those names included: Hot Cousins, Modern Medicine and Fun Police...BUT...after they stumbled on Simple Creatures it felt right, Mark calling it "the most apt name."

Brian from Fairless Hills wondered "If Simple Creatures turns out to have a great deal of success, do you think that will create any tension with your respective band mates?" Mark and Alex didn't hesitate one bit in answering "no."

Nicole from East Windsor asked "if you were stranded on a desert island together who would be most likely to survive and what would they do to to it?" Turns out Alex wins in a game or Simple Creatures "Survivor." It's been nice knowing you Mark!

The guys confirmed another Simple Creatures EP is done, and while Alex wasn't sure when All Time Low might be back as they're currently "parked," Mark more or less confirmed that we WILL be seeing Blink 182 again this summer in Philly (in addition to their 25 years of The Warped Tour headlining performance!)

I also loved hearing Mark talk about his love for The Cure, and it was fun (though maybe not surprising) to find out Alex had a Blink 182 poster hanging on his bedroom wall as a teenager (Sublime & Bob Marley, too!)

Dig in with the full video, below, along with the Meet + Greet photos.

Simple Creatures Meet + Greet Pictures - March 2019 - Thumbnail Image

Simple Creatures Meet + Greet Pictures - March 2019

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