Mark Hoppus got to meet Gritty!

Mark Hoppus met Gritty!

If you've been following Mark on Twitter, you already know Mark is a big fan of Flyers mascot, and during the Simple Creatures press conference today, he let everyone know his next stop was the Flyers game to meet the orange one...Gritty...before their Sold Out show at Warehouse On Watts tonight! (And if you haven't been following Mark's Twitter love for Gritty, I've shared a sampling below, including my favorite where Mark suggests that Philly may be the best Sports city in the U.S.!

Philadelphia may very well be the best sports city in the US. Think of it: you have 1) The Eagles 2) @GrittyNHL 3) the one time I went to a Phillies game and I swear to God they drove this small tank onto the field and cannoned hot dogs into the crowd.

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