A New Wawa Hoagie Has Arrived

When it comes to our favorite convenience store, Wawa, the old standards are pretty great...BUT now there's a new hoagie in town!

In addition to our usual favorites, Wawa has announced they are premiering a brand new sandwich at center city locations of the store, and it sounds delicious!

The store previewed the new sandwich at the opening of their newest South Street location and it amps up the meatball hoagie we know and love! The chain teamed up with Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook from restaurant Zahav for this new concoction.

Says Phillymag:

"The chefs created the new recipe by first putting garlic aioli and provolone cheese on an Amoroso roll and toasting it to basically make a “cheesy garlic toast,” Kaiser said at the event. Then they loaded the roll with meatballs in marinara, a little bit of hot chili pepper relish, and a dusting of grated Parmesan."


“We’re just a convenience store, but when you have James Beard award-winning chefs and restaurants, that those folks that have created them are here and have a collaboration with us, that makes us feel super special,” Wawa CEO Chris Gheysens said at the grand opening. And this new item will help benefit a wonderful cause here in the city."

That cause by the way? Broad Street Ministry, a church and social-services agency that helps people experiencing homelessness and those in poverty

The new menu item will be available starting Monday at all center city locations. While it's not at all the locations, I'd say it's worth some travel time to try, right?

Take a look:

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