Dan Campbell on the next chapter of Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties

The next chapter begins now. Today, it was our pleasure to share the world premiere of Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties new song "Runnin' Toward' The Light" - the first from the forthcoming sophomore album Routine Maintenance out May 10. If you missed it you don't have long to wait, you'll be able to stream/download it starting tomorrow, Thursday March 28th - there will also be an accompanying video and the pre-order for the album will go live tomorrow, too.

Many thanks to Dan Campbell for coming by to give us great insights into the new album and the song, and some clues as to what to expect next.

While he was here, I of course had to get Dan's feelings on the news of the closing of The Trocadero:

"I would say eighty percent of the shows I saw in high school were at The Troc...so many emotional memories tied to The Troc...friends that I've lost that I used to go to shows there with...I remember thinking wow, I gotta listen to a Hold Steady song and a Weakerthans song right now, for the memories attached to them."

He also talked about meeting a now lifelong friend right there in line waiting for a show at The Troc. It's amazing how music brings people together, isn't it.

Of COURSE we had to talk about The Wonder Years too, who will headline the Sad Summer Festival at the Skyline Stage at the Mann on July 13th:

"I really love this city. And I love being able to represent it and to put it on our back when we go anywhere else. I love being able to get on stage in Barcelona and say 'We're The Wonder Years from Philadelphia.' I love being able to do it in Japan...in Brazil...in Australia and everywhere we've done it. But my favorite thing to say is 'We're The Wonder Years and we're from right here." CUE THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE!

Dan also mentioned he'd love to do a podcast - I'd vote yes! Let's not let him forget about that, ok?

Our conversation is in full, below.

And check out that Runnin' Toward The Light jacket Dan mentioned - look for that as part of the new cool merch going up for pre-order tomorrow.

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